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Three Exclusive Rewards on GTarcade Desktop You Don’t Want to Miss Out

There are 3 exclusive rewards for players on GTaracade Desktop and also players who use their FB account login to GTarcade Desktop. Let's check and make sure we're not missing anyone!
(How to use my Facebook account and continue to play my character?)

Download Rewards
Weekly Rewards
G Points 

1. Download the Desktop Client and Get the Rewards Immediately!
Download and install GTarcade Desktop> Enter the game you play>Click the G icon on the top right corner to claim the rewards.
Reward List:

Enternity Armor*1
Download Now: https://www.gtarcade.com/micro/download?game_id=312
LoA II: 
Bless Stone*200
Download Now: https://www.gtarcade.com/micro/download?game_id=160
LoA I: 
Blessed Stone*500 
Bow of Courage*1  
Download Now: https://www.gtarcade.com/micro/download?game_id=39

2. Play Games on GTarcade Desktop Every Week and Claim Weekly Rewards

If you are a LoA III player, you can get weekly rewards by going to Rewards Hall>GTarcade>Claim

When you enter LoA or LoA II, you can see the little icon “GTarcade Rewards” on the top right corner. And once you claimed them, the icon will automatically hide in the Menu “More” until it’s available to claim again. The weekly rewards refresh at 00:00 every Monday (EST). And this menu will appear again to remind you every week.

Reward List:

LoA III: Diamond*100  Stamia*50  Gold*200K
LoA II: Mini Eternal Chest*5    Seal Stone*200    Bone Dragon Shard*10

LoA:  Bless Stone*400;Magic Mount Soul*600;Honor Mark*600   Lvl. 10 Fusion Gem Chest * 1

3. Play on GTarcade Desktop and Collect Points for Valuable Items.
GTarcade Desktop has its own rewarding system by collecting points. 

You'll receive 100 Points for every $1 recharged to buy G Coins.
Play games on the desktop for an hour and you'll receive 20 Points for free. (Daily maximum is 40 Points) 
You can buy whatever you like on the Points Store with enough G points and get some valuable items with 1 point on 1 Point Day.
Get rewarded by doing what you already love!
Come and join us on GTarcade desktop and discover many interesting things!

More About GTarcade Desktop:
1.   Speed up your game and save time from daily tasks with Speed+(exclusive feature of the GTarcade Desktop)
2.    Quick fix option for game issues
3.    Collect points and exchange for gifts 
4.    Connect with other players in the community

Download to Discover More: