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Summon the Legendary+ Huxley


As a legendary+ ATK hero, born with great power, strong body and the innate tough character, Huxley can reap enemies with lower HP easily. He is now available in the Huxley’s Summoner event. From Jan 7th to Jan 9th, players will have a high chance to get him from Recruit.

Read on for more details.


Event Time: Jan 7th to Jan 9th (server time)

Entry: Click “Huxley’s Summoner” from the Recruit button.



Huxley’s story

Huxley is the supreme commander of the Salvation Coalition, as well as the former Prime Minister of the Divine Empire Parliament. With a good character of brave, smart and loyal, Huxley led the army to win in many wars. As the name of the King Kong, his every step is enough to make the ground shake. However, he was strongly beat by the powder of Angels in Abyssal Invasion. After that, Huxley chose to participate in the Ascension Program and finally became the guardian of the Angel cemetery.


Huxley’s skills:


Smash the enemy with enough power to rupture the world. Attacks a single enemy unit, dealing (ATK*120%+60) points of damage.


>Chains of Weakness

A shackled hero unleashes his rage. Attacks 3 front row enemies, dealing (ATK*120%+60) damage.


>Earthshaking Pillar

Attacks 2 enemies with the lowest HP, dealing (ATK*170%+100) points of damage. If the target’s HP is lower than 30%, then 20% damage will be afflicted.


Event Rules

1.    There is one Theme Hero in Huxley’s Summoner event. Players will have a HIGH CHANCE to get Huxley and his shards, as well as other heroes and their shards at a normal rate.

2.    Players can recruit once FOR FREE every day. Recruit 10 times will guarantee Huxley’s shards. Draw times will reset at 12:00 A.M. every day.

3.    Recruit times in Huxley’s Summoner will also be counted in Elite recruit times. Remember to claim Huxley’s Shards and other rewards for performing Elite and Summoner recruitments in Events.

4.    Total recharge Topaz can also claim Huxley’s Shards.

5.    Each recruit will grant Lucky Value. The accumulated Lucky Value can be used to open different Chests which contain Awards.


6.    Lucky Value will be reset after this event.


You will have a high rate to obtain Huxley in the Huxley’s Summoner event from Jan 7th to Jan 9th. Seize the chance to win the legendary+ ATK hero Huxley!


Please note that the above contents might be adjusted due to changes in the development plan. Final updates will be determined in game.