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1 Point Day is Available in Points Store


1 Point Day is coming again! Seize the chance to get the real offer with only 1 G Point!
1 Point Day refers to 11th of every month when some valuable items carrying a price tag of “1 Point” which are exclusive benefits for GTarcade desktop users. 

1 Point Day Benefits:

Event Time: May. 11th (EST) 
1. EXP Scroll II *20   Mount Adv. Stone*20

2. Soul Flask II*20    Wing Adv. Stone*20
These two gift packs will cost you 600 Diamonds in game. But you can get them almost for free!

FREE Gift Pack: 
Blessing Stone II*20
Soul Flask II*20
Those worth 1300 diamonds in game. This month, you can get them for free once!

What’s G Points?
G Point is an exclusive currency launched by the GTarcade Desktop. You can exchange for resources or gift packs of our games in the Points Store. 
Playing games for an hour can claim 20 points. Daily max is 40 Points. 

Discover a whole range of exclusive benefits on GTarcade Desktop!
GTarcade Desktop is the official client of League of Angels series, enabling you to be on top of your games in the fastest and most convenient manner. Moreover, there are plentiful gifts, rewards and benefits waiting for you. 
It’s easy to install and totally free of charge!

  (Exit the old version first before the installation)

With GTarcade Desktop, you can:

Speed up your game and save time with Speed+(an exclusive feature of GTarcade Desktop)

Claim exclusive in-game rewards (GTarcade players only)
Quick fix common game issues
Collect points and exchange for gift packs
Participate in wonderful events