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War of the Kingdoms: Schedule & Rewards


War of the Kingdoms Schedule

²  Preparation time: 2nd-3rd July

²  War time: 4th July

²  Recovery time 5th July

Please be prepared in advance, my lord. Train more troops, improve your equipment, promote your core commanders, make smart tactical plans etc. Meanwhile, special War Gift Packs containing plenty of necessary resources, speed up items and buff items will be available during the schedule, which can provide you with continuous supply and help you recover timely.

War of the Kingdoms Rewards

[New] Personal Rewards

Black Ears Warrior Appearance (level: S)

Players whose castles are between level 22-25 can get Black Ears Warrior Appearance Medals when they finish three stages of War of the Kingdoms Solo Challenge.

Appearance Bonus: Infantry Attack 6%, Infantry Defense 9%, Infantry Health 12%, Training Speed 10%, Rallied Size Expansion 20,000, and Rallied Army Attack 8%.

Unsullied Appearance (level: SS)

Players whose castles are level 25 and get the Top 10 highest score in War of the Kingdoms Solo Challenge can get Unsullied Appearance Medals.

Appearance Bonus: Training Speed 10%, Royal Spearmen Recruitment Cost Reduction 10%, Fervor Defense 12%, Fervor Health 15%, Rallied Size Expansion 50,000, and Fervor Attack 15%.

Alliance Rewards and Kingdom Rewards mainly contain resources and speed up items. Besides, the winning kingdom will get more diamond mines during the reward settlement period.

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