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Featured Hero: The First Mythic+ Hero, sister of Thea- Fortuna


Fortuna is the sister of Thea, and also the Seer and former successor to the position of the Divine Angel. She is gentle and generous with healing and prophetic power and has a high reputation among the angels. After the Divine Angel, Asherah’s Fall from grace, she was appointed as her successor. However, after Thea’s fall from grace, her heart became suspicious of the Angels and resigned from the Divine Angel’s position. Fortuna will be available in Featured Hero Event during July 29 to August 1. and also you can get the Daun Hero Skin! Don’t miss this chance to unlock Fortuna and Daun Hero Skin!

Event time: July 29 to August 1

Entrance: Featured Hero Fortuna

Three skills of Fortuna:

>Salvation: heals the ally with lowest HP

>Prayer of Destiny: heal the front row allies

>Special Skill: Starfall

Event rules:

1. There is one Theme Hero for each “Featured Hero” event. Players will have the chance to obtain the Hero Fortuna shards during the event, as well as other heroes and their shards.

2. Players can draw 1 time FOR FREE every day. Draw times will reset at midnight every day.

3. Each draw will grant 10 points. The accumulated points can be used to open Points Chests which contain the Fortuna Hero Shards.

4. First Drawing x1 using Diamonds each day will get half price off.

5. Drawing 5 times will guarantee Theme Hero Shards, i.e. Fortuna shards.

6. The points will be reset after each event.

More important, this time we also prepared special discount pack for our players, so no worry about the Upgrade, Augment, Empower or Awaken.

Once our players unlock Fortuna, players can claim Fortuna shards and 320 EXP Scroll IV for FREE!!! and get grand Empower and Awaken discount pack.


Please note that the above content might be adjusted due to changes in the development plan. Final updates will be determined in-game.