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The New Wing Fiery Feathers will be released at the Sectia Festival


The New Wing Fiery Feathers will be released at the Sectia Festival, it is also called QiXi Festival. Qixi Festival originated from an ancient mythology love story in China, it is the seventh day of the seventh month of the lunar calendar.

Get the Wings of love via the X-Server Roulette, this event will start from 5th August to 7th August.


Event Time: 5th August to 7th August.

Entrance: The X-Server Roulette


New Wings: Fiery Feathers

>> Event Rules:

1. The X-Server Roulette is divided intothe Normal Roulette and the Elite Roulette types. Joining the Normal Roulettecosts Roulette Tickets. Joining the Elite Roulette costs Topaz.


2. Bets can be made in the Elite Roulette.The bets are divided into red/black bet and number bet types. You can makered/black and number bet at the same time.


3.Red/black bets and number bets bothrequire Elite Tokens. Every spin costs a bet token.


4. You will get a fair amount of EliteTokens when you win a red/black bet.You will get a Super Gift when you win anumber bet.


5. Every spin at the Normal Roulette andthe Elite Roulette grants roulette points. Get a certain number of roulettepoints to get a reward. When the event is over, you will get a ranking rewardbased upon the number of points you got.


6. Spend 50 Elite Tokens to bet on redor black. Win to get Triple Elite Tokens


7. Spend 150 Elite Tokens to bet on anumber. Win to get all of the Super Gift's Elite Tokens

>> Tips:


1. Super Prize require at least 15000points, if you want to get the gold voucher, please make sure you have reachedenough points


2. The Gold voucher will not be deleted, youcan save it to get great rewards next time if you don't have enough GoldVoucher this time


Please note that the above content might be adjusted due to changes in the development plan. Final updates will be determined in-game.