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The New Mythic Companion Raidra Is Ready To Join Your Team


New Mythic Companion Raidra is ready to join your team! Get the Raidra will increase your 100K BR! This new Companion Raidra will be available in Egg Cracker Event Raidra from 11 August to 13 August. All players have a great chance to unlock Raidra.

Event time: 11 August to 13 August

Entrance: Egg Cracker


The Raidra can bring a strong increase in the battle, the special skill of Raidra is attack all enemies. Reduce rage of the enemy with the highest ATK, and has a chance to reduce the rage of other enemies.

>>Egg Cracker Event
1.Finish some daily tasks and you can get Hammers, use Diamonds or Topza to break up lucky eggs. During the event, login for 3 days, you can get Free Hammers!

2.Hitting eggs, you can win Event points that could be consumed in Event shop and you can claim Raidra shards when you reach certain points.

3.After hitting eggs, players can win rewards like Companion shards and Companion cultivation resources.

4.Meet some Companions advanced refine requirements, players can claim rich rewards like Diamonds and Companion resources.
More important, you can claim a series of great rewards when you reach certain recharge amount. Come and join us to get the powerful Mythic Companion Raidra! Don’t miss the chance to increase your BR!

Please note that the above content might be adjusted due to changes in the development plan. Final updates will be determined in-game.