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No Trick, All Treat - Halloween Giveaway on GTarcade Desktop


As Halloween approaches, GTarcade Desktop client is going to send players a gift at this very special time

This time we have removed all the tricky rules and calculations. There is only one simple rule -- You can get free treats and rewards for logging on to GTarcade desktop and participating in the limited-time events.

Here is a detailed version of the rules. You can see there are no tricks, but all treats as long as you join the event.
1. Find a jack-o-lantern on GTarcade Desktop. Click it to get 50 free points EVERY DAY.
2. Go to Points Store on 30 October and exchange for an exclusive gift pack for free!

3. The event will last for a week and the claim button updates every day on 00:00 (UTC). So remember to come every day!

The Halloween Giveaways starts now! Jump in to experience all the treats this spooky event has to offer.
Wish you a “Not-So-Scary Halloween” filled with Excitement and treats!

If you are a Facebook player, follow the steps in the link to connect your FB account and join us on GTarcade Desktop for plenty of rewards>>>

If you play in a web page, dowload directly>>