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New Artifact Relic - Azjora‘s Spring is coming


New Artifact Relic Azjoras Spring is available in Angel’s Treasure from 4 November to 6 November. The Artifact Relic can bring unprecedented attributes. Obtaining the Angel’s Treasure Lottery Ticket (Abbreviated as “AT’s Lottery Ticket”) in event panel or through Events- Angel's Treasure to spin the wheel, you have the chance to get 6 Azjoras Spring components as Theme Reward and other rare items. And this time, you can still use Starstone to exchange for Starstone II, and use Astralite I to exchange for Astralite II when meeting requirements. Check for more details:

Event time: 4 November to 6 November

Entrance: Angel’s Treasure.

>> Azjoras Spring

A spring that contains the power of light. It is said that the spring will never run dry, and those who possess the relic are immune from the dark powers.

It used to be one of the relics carried by Thea, who gave it to Gloria before her fall. Now it is a heavily guarded treasure at the City of Brilliance.

Azjoras Spring, a powerful Artifact Relic, it can convert damage into healing, reduce the damage and offer a lethal protection!

>>Event Rules

1. Claim ONE AT’s Lottery Ticket for FREE every day. Daily limits will reset at 12 A.M. every day. Also, you can use Diamonds or Topaz to buy it.

2. Every 5 times guarantee Theme Rewards.

3. The wheel has to be stopped manually (a slight delay will appear after tapping).  You will get the indicated reward when the wheel stops.

4. Each attempt grants 10 Treasure Creeds, you can use them to buy different items in the Treasure Store.

5. Treasure Creeds will be cleared when the event ended.

>>Rewards Description

1. Theme Rewards are placed in the four corners of the pool as usual. You can claim the remaining rewards after all the Theme Rewards have been collected.

2. Each attempt will grant points: 5 points for Normal Rewards and 20 points for Theme Rewards.

3. Each attempt will grant 25% Luck Points. 100% Luck Points guarantee Theme Rewards.

4. You can get Extra 20 points when you empty the prize pool.

5. You can be ranked when earning more than 300 points and win the Super Prize with more than 2000.

6. Points will be cleared after the event and the reward will be sent by email when the event ends.


Please note that the above contents might be adjusted due to changes in the development plan. Final updates will be determined in-game.