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Expedition Beyond and Equipment Refinement


Royal lords and ladies, how are you doing in the Training Grounds? Do you wish to make more use of your commanders? Very soon a whole new gameplay --- Expedition Beyond, will be introduced in the game! And by defeating your opponents in this activity, you will be rewarded with a necessary material for another new feature---Equipment Refinement

, where you can strengthen your lord and troops!

Read on to find more about Equipment Refining and Expedition Beyond.


Equipment Refinement

Different sets of equipment have been very important in both battlefield and resource gathering. The new feature Equipment Refinement will allow you to strengthen each part of the equipment separately in your desired way. You can click the “Refine” icon near “Forge” on Blacksmith page.

Each equipment part offers 4 slots, representing Green, Blue, Purple and Golden quality. (Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legendary)

A slot of a certain quality will be unlocked if you have the same level of that type of equipment and a random bonus will be granted to this slot. You can choose to strengthen this bonus with Refinement Ore (the essential item that can be acquired through Expedition), or change it with a reset item.

To raise the cap of the bonus, you must unlock certain research in Equipment Refinement in Maester’s Tower. Don’t forget to research!

Expedition Beyond


Expedition Beyond is currently the only way that you can get the essential material to refine your equipment. Check out how you can get the most Refinement Ore through this new feature.


Requirement: Players with Castle level 18+

Entrance: Enter Expedition Beyond after clicking Training Grounds.

Similar to the Training Grounds, only in this time you must fight through 10 powerful opponents in a row. Commanders’ Health, Might and Troops will not reset after each battle, and opponents in this mode are PC controlled copies of other player’s formations. Avoiding excessive losses is the key to victory!


Choose Your Difficulty Mode and Challenge

There are 5 difficulties for each stage. You have to clear the previous difficulty to move on to the next one. Each day you can only choose ONE difficulty to challenge. Once chosen, the difficulty cannot be changed and progress cannot be reset on the same day. Your formation will be fixed at Infantry-Cavalry in this mode. Choose carefully!


Level up Your Commander and Bring Your Dragon

The higher quality your commander is, the more troops can be brought with into the battle. Your troops in Barracks will not be affected at all. The troop quality depends on your research level. Meanwhile, you can bring your dragon to assist you in the battle.

Please note that Items that provide battle bonus (Fervor, etc.) and Lord Talent will not be effective in this feature.


Obtain Refinement Ore for Your Equipment

Defeating each opponent grants the necessary materials – Refinement Ore for Equipment Refinement, as well as various items.


Promote your commanders, raise your dragon and get ready to battle through all difficulties!