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The Silver Feather Day is coming with New Outfit – Judgement Plate


The Silver Feather Day is coming! Let’s celebrate! Collect Maracas from Elite Dungeon and exchange them for rich rewards! Come to join us with your friends, Silver Feather Day will start from 17 June to 21 June. During this event, you have great the chance to win the New Outfit – Judgement Plate.

Event Time: 17 June to 21 June

Entrance: “Silver Feather Day”

New Outfit: Judgement Plate

Judgement Plate, a new collection of Outfit is coming at Silver Feather Day! You could have the best chance to get New Outfit Judgement Plate and collect Maracas from Elite Dungeon and exchange Maracas for rich rewards!

Let’s party rock! Don’t miss the chance to unlock the party exclusive items before the event ends!

>>Silver Feather Day

During the event, players can exchange for the latest Outfits by meeting the certain requirements!

Players can use Battle Flag or Topaz to spin the machine and win the prizes in the middle row when the machine stops.

* On the 3rd column, players can get extra prizes like x2, x5 prize multipliers, Diamonds, and Warrior Sword.

* Using Prize x5 will automatically multiple all prizes by x5.

In the Store, players can exchange Warrior Sword and Dragon Shield for the latest items and resources!

>> More important, after players meeting some certain requirements, can directly unlock Silver Feather rare Title – Black Dragon Dominator.


Please note that the above content might be adjusted due to changes in the development plan. Final updates will be determined in-game.