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Get Artifact ATK Companion - Nether Phoenix


The Gorgeous and Powerful Artifact Companion - Nether Phoenix is coming! Compare to Mythic Companion, the attributes of Artifact Companion are 50% higher. This new Companion Nether Phoenix will be available in Egg Cracker Event from 16 July to 18 July. All players have a great chance to unlock Nether Phoenix.

Event time: 16 July to 18 July

Entrance: Egg Cracker

>>Nether Phoenix

The Nether Phoenix can attack all enemies and deal damage. Also it has a chance to reduce the rage of all enemies and has 20% chance bewilder 3 enemies for 2 rounds.

>>Egg Cracker Event

1.Finish some daily tasks and you can get Hammers, use Topza to break up gold eggs have chance get Nether Phoenix. During the event, login for 3 days, you can get Free Hammers! Also, you can claim Hammers by completing the require tasks.

2.Hitting eggs, you can win Event points that could be consumed in Event shop and you can claim Nether Phoenix shards when you reach certain points, total recharge reach required amount during event can claim a series of great rewards.

3.After hitting eggs, players can win rewards like Companion shards and Companion cultivation resources.

4.Meet some Companions advanced refine requirements, players can claim rich rewards like Diamonds and Companion resources.

Please notice that the hit Normal Egg*3 can get Shard, Crystalis now! And you have the chance to win the Nether Phoenix Shard at the Points Ranking! The Crimson Eagle has enter the Cracker Shop, you can buy it now.


Please note that the above content might be adjusted due to changes in the development plan. Final updates will be determined in-game.