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Important Notice

We will launch the G coin feature on August 4ht (EST). After that, all users can choose the G coin channel when recharging.

What is G coin?
G coin is the currency of GTarcade, which can be obtained by recharging to be used to purchase game diamonds and direct purchase gift packages.

How to recharge G coins? 
Choose recharge G coins in “Recharge”, then select the number of G coins that you need to purchase to recharge.

How to use G coins?
When recharging, choose G coin channel for payment.

Will my G coins be cleared when they are not used for a long time?
No, G coins will be valid forever.

Can G coins be refunded and exchanged for cash? 
Not supported

Can I check my G coin consumption record?
Yes, you can click “My Wallet” in “Personal Center” to view the consumption record of G coins

Can the G coins of each account be traded? 

If you have any problems, please contact our customer service and give feedback.
Thank you for your support and trust.