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PC Game MU Legend online!

MU Legend is the highly-anticipated action MMO and the follow-up to MU Online. It features fluid and impactful hack n’ slash combat, content that caters to both solo and party play, and a world that’s deep and intriguing that will satisfy new players and fans alike.

The story of MU Legend takes place in the same universe as MU Online. Players will travel back to the old days, before many of the devastating events on the continent of MU had even taken place, giving players an opportunity to create a different future. 

Customize your own journey 

MU Legend is action-rich, with classic hack’n’slash gameplay. Choose your class from either a War Mage, Whisperer, Dark Lord, Spellbinder, Blader or Black Phantom, and then start to enjoy the fast-paced thrilling combat. Each class has its distinctive positioning and specialty, with powerful skills right from the beginning, making for a truly exciting experience. 

The game offers sophisticated customization options on the character and skill growth paths. Combined with different additional systems such as equipment enchantment, gems, pets and wings, advanced players can try out various strategies to enhance their power. Whichever class you are playing; you can fully utilize the customization systems to embark on your own journey.

Stunning continent

MU Legend recreates the continent of MU with state-of-the-art graphics, epic soundtracks, and characteristic scenes, bringing a truly immersive experience. Feel free to explore the land and dungeons and uncover the secrets behind each scene. 

There are plenty of PvE and PvP modes for players to choose from when planning their quest on the continent of MU. From solo and group dungeons, to MU Online legacy challenges like Blood Castle and the Endless Tower, or a PvP arena for up to 20 players, there will always be a mode for you whether you are playing alone or with a group of friends.

Be the Legend

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