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Unlock and Level up the Support Dragon to Grant Your War Dragons Buffs!


“Fire reigns.”

Following Darkfyre, Moonshadow and Sapphire, Lightning the Support Dragon made his debut in game this September. After being unlocked and levelled up, Lightning can help significantly increase your troops’ defense and health, and reduce the enemy attack up to 12% while increasing the dragon power. In addition, you can obtain the Lightning Essence by completing tasks in events and from the All-out War Shop. Come and check out more details.


Requirement: Players with a castle level 25, and player kingdoms have been existed for more than 20 days


What is Support Dragon?

The dragons are divided into War Dragons and Support Dragons based on their skills and function after Lightning’s adding to the game. Darkfyre, Moonshadow and Sapphire, which can allow you to deploy them, battle with them, or send them to explore across Westeros, are all War Dragons. And Lightning that can offer Talent Skill effects and can’t battle, be deployed, or be sent on explorations, is called Support Dragon. 

What Talent Skill Effects Can the Support Dragon Provide?

Lightning’s Talent Skill effects become active immediately after it’s unlocked or upgraded. It can increase the health and defense of your troops up to 12% after the required talent branch being levelled up to level 10. When Lightning grows into an Ancient Dragon I, it can help reduce the attack of enemy troops by 12% when in level 10.