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Infinity Kingdom interview: Producer Daniel Yu on creating for a global audience


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In 2021 the expectation for most games is that they'll release globally. But with a global release comes other requirements, how do you cater to an international audience? What do you do to make people from various regions and cultures feel welcome? We discuss that and more below, in our interview with Infinity Kingdom lead Daniel Yu.

The strategy genre is easily one of the most dynamic ones to come to mobile, with it almost fully reinventing itself every few years. One form which has spun off in almost entirely a new direction is the hero-led, online-multiplayer strategy game, games like Infinity Kingdom, State of Survival or Top War. Of the dozens of games out there that do this, they all stand out for their own reasons, but while many are grounded in total alternative fiction, Infinity Kingdom fills itself with a fusion of both history and myth.

Infinity Kingdom's Immortals - the hero characters that you assign to roles in order to boost attack, defence and more - are a mixture of historical characters and mythical characters. For Western audiences, we'll see the likes of Julius Caesar, or Bellisarius, while Eastern audiences might find themselves more familiar with Empress Wu Zhao or Emperor Qin Shin Huang.

We spoke with Daniel Yu, the producer of Infinity Kingdom, about the game, the Immortals, and the future of the game.

Firstly, can you give us a quick introduction to yourself?

Hello guys, my name is Daniel Yu, the producer of Infinity Kingdom. It is my pleasure to join this interview.

What can you tell us about Infinity Kingdom?

Infinity Kingdom is a castle-building strategy game. There are three Kingdoms on Norheim, they are, Ruslan, Ydvia and Vitas; each Kingdom has unique characteristics. Our players will need to develop their own territories, defense the intruders called the gnomes in the game. And they will also face threats from lords from other kingdoms.