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Dark Disciples Now Opens : Closed Beta Test

Our new game "Dark Disciples" will have its first round of small-scale testing on January 12th. 
[Schedule] January 12th ~ January 18th (total 7 days)
[Regions] Philippines, Indonesia
[Participation Method] Google Play: https://bit.ly/DDO_05
[Feedback&Chats] Discord official server: https://bit.ly/DDO_DISCORD01
Make friends with other players from all over the world and meet face-to-face with development teams.
[Events&Information] Facebook official account: https://www.facebook.com/DarkDisciplesOS

In this game, the unique dark-themed RPG is perfectly combined with intelligent controls, and the exquisite 3D art complements the personalized build gameplay. Whether you want to be a warrior, a mage, an archer, or create your own distinctive genre; whether you are looking for memories of the old days, or adventuring to explore the new world. Please take this invitation, keep moving forward to clear the mysterious fog, and in the whispers of the living and the lament of the dead, this Cthulhu continent will eventually tell you the answer.

Inside the latest news, strategic guidance and benefits are issued to help you get started quickly.

Thank you very much for your active participation and attention. This test is a free closed technical test, our quota is limited, first come first served! At present, our game is still in the optimization stage, thus there might be many shortcomings. Your feedback will help us make this game better!❤️Welcome to Canaan, please enjoy your exploratory journey.

Dark Disciples Operation Team