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Closed Beta of Magerealm Starts!


Veteran game developer and publisher GTArcade is incredibly excited to announce the launch of the Closed Beta of their first ever 3-D browser RPG game: Magerealm! Players around the world are invited to dive head-first into this wonderfully crafted online experience starting June 4th!

A Game For Everyone

Are you an RPG aficionado or career PvP player? No matter your preferences, Magerealm provides multiple paths for players to shine. The vast story campaign offers a classic dungeon crawl. Additional game modes such as defend-style events and epic World Bosses bring together a robust PvE experience. If you have a thirst that can’t be quenched by hacking monsters, the fiercely competitive Arena and Ladder are available to those who seek challenges on a more human level. Can you beat the best players around the world and claim your throne?

Craft Your Own Legend
Join the Closed Beta and receive a special gift only for CB players! Redeem your gift code in-game for fantastic rewards to jump start your epic adventure. Visit the official site at http://mage.GTArcade.com to get started! Take up arms and prep your spells, Magerealm is here!