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Certain Payment Channel Update


Dear players,
Payment access interface of Worldpay on GTArcade platform will be updated on 10PM Sept. 15th PST (1AM Sept. 16th EST, 12AM Sept. 16th CST, 5AMSept. 16th GMT, and 1PM Sept. 16th HKT).
The update will be divided into two steps:
Step1: Access to Worldpay will be temporarily closed and undergo update.
Step2: After Worldpay Channel has successfully updated, its access will open and return to normal.

The other payment channel Paymentwall will always be available during the update. VISA, Master, ,American Express and other local payment method can be used in Paymentwall. We assure you that the available channel during each step will work as normal. The whole update is estimated to last for 7 hours, and we will inform you when the update has actually completed.

Thanks for your understanding and cooperation.