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Youzu Attended Pocket Gamer Connects


Youzu Attended Pocket Gamer Connects to Share Game Publish Tips for China Market

Helsinki, Sep 10 /PR Newswire/- Mark CHEN, VP of Youzu Interactive, Head of domestic publishing gave a speech at Pocket Gamer Connects, sharing Youzu’s publishing status and China mobile game market intelligence.

Youzu started its business with browser game by Lin Qi in 2009. After 6 years of deep research in market demand, Youzu has become one of the top 3 browser game publishers with USD 135.24 million yearly revenue (2014). Mark believes the Youzu’s fast growth embodies a centralized reflection of operation, distribution and promotion.
Mark further emphasized these three points at the speech. He indicated that applying adaptation strategy has been a main challenge for a global game to enter a specific market. Through years, Youzu has accumulated rich experience in terms of game publishing by developing an efficient operation team to assist global game in localization, enhancing gameplay level and pay rate.

When a high quality product that fits local players’ demand is launched, distribution and promotion in a large market such as China is another challenge for global game developers, according to Mark. Youzu is the game provider for over 60 Chinese local Android application stores and more than 140 media outlets are constantly covering games from Youzu all of which contribute to the Youzu’s top-level distribution and operation channels as well as marketing resources.

With high quality products and remarkable operation capability, Youzu has gained positive brand images for all of its products. Youth of Three Kingdoms, one of Youzu’s mobile games, has grossed over USD 16 million twenty days after its launch. Having integrated its distribution channels, the game obtained 6 million Android players and 3.5 million on IOS platform within two months.

After the speech, Mark also met with executives from game giants such as Rovio, further discussing business cooperation in future. A special banquet was also held by Youzu after the event for further communication with counterparts from all over the world.

“Youzu is able to offer one-stop service for global partners to enter Chinese market for we have been focusing deeply on market research. Global publishing is our key strategy,” Mark said, “We are looking forward to cooperating with other game companies to bring more games to global players.”

About Youzu Interactive
Youzu Interactive(SZ.002174), founded in 2009, is a China leading game developer and publisher, business area of which covers five main scopes including browser and mobile games research and development, traffic management, global publish, IP management and pan-entertainment promotion, successfully developing various games including Youth of Three Kingdoms and League of Angels with more than ten IPs hold including Three Bodies. The company aims to share simply joy worldwide, developing a full range of global publish system by integrating R&D and operation capabilities.