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A New Angel Joins LoA


League of Angels is happy to announce the release of a brand new Angel! Introducing Kali, a mysterious and powerful Angel and one of the main characters of LoA2 (also known as Theresa). She has been a fan favorite since her debut and now Kali has arrived in LoA!


Kali is the only one of her kind, a hybrid between Angel and Dragon. She has the same blood as the Prime Angel and the Dragon King flowing through her veins. As a child of two ancient rival races, her life was filled with conflict and uncertainty.

Since her birth, her heritage has kept her alienated from both races. Her mother was forced to raise Kali alone in isolation. Although she suffered many hardships, Kali's experiences are what molded her into the independent and rebellious Angel she is today.

As Kali matured, her great powers began to manifest. The combination of both Angel and Dragon blood in her veins has given her strength far surpassing that of Angels or Dragons. In these dire times, Kali has put aside her differences and joined the League of Angels to fight against evil.

Angel Skill: Fatal Wrath

Deals (170% Basic ATK +700) magic damage to all enemies and decrease their DEF and Dodge by 8%, with a 100% chance of Hit rating, lasts 3 turns

We hope players are excited to have Kali join the League of Angels. Please look forward to more great content coming soon!


About League of Angels

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