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Login To Get Free Wings:Love


Magerealm, our hit 3D MMORPG browser game,  is having a Login Rewards event!

From Aug.23rd to Sep.1st, all Magerealm players can claim tons of free resources and 300 Realmgems in total simply by logging into the game each day! Plus, players who managed to login for 10 days during the event will receive the futuristic Wings: Love FREE!

Don’t miss out on this huge Login Rewards event! Be sure to check the Magerealm Facebook and the official forums for the latest news! If you have not tried Magerealm yet, now is a great time to start your adventure in this epic action MMORPG!

Additional Information:

Play Magerealm absolutely free by visiting the following link: http://mage.gtarcade.com/

For regular updates, be sure to follow Magerealm on Facebook at:  https://www.facebook.com/magerealmapp/

Follow Magerealm on Twitter at: https://twitter.com/magerealm