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Conquest Revolutionizes PVP in League of Angels II


League of Angels II has a radically new team PvP mode that will get your blood pumping! The brand new Conquest mode is an intense, quick battle between two teams of 6 players. Skill, strategy, and teamwork will be key if players want to get their hands on the top rewards like Mythic Relics! Read more about Conquest in this first gameplay preview.

【A Balanced 6v6 Battlefield】

In Conquest, 12 players with similar Battle Ratings will be matched up and divided into 2 teams (Blue and Green). A standard match lasts 12 minutes and teams must work together to compete for points by capturing Crystals on the map or by slaying enemies. The team that reaches 5000 points first will be the winner!

【Sudden Death Doubles the Tension】
After 12 minutes, if neither team has reached 5000 points, the battle will go into Sudden Death. This mode lasts 3 minutes with different rules. There is no respawn after death and the team who has more points at the end will win. Killing the entire enemy team will grant an extra 900 points for your side!

【Strategic Items: Mist】

One of the coolest aspects of Conquest are the items that can be used in battle. The first one is “Mist”. By using Mist, your enemies’ map will be covered by a mist lasting 20 seconds, which will greatly hinder their ability to know what’s happening around them. What strategies will you deploy to maximize Mist’s effectiveness? Plan ahead to thoroughly counter your opponents at every turn! 

【Strive for Great Rewards】

Based on player level, the winning team will earn rewards such as Mythic Relics, Lv.6 Rune Packs, Soulstones, Bloodstones, and more. For the defeated team, they will earn more common resources. As long as you participate in Conquest each day from 9:00PM to 9:40PM, you can continuously acquire the needed resources to improve your BR!  

League of Angels II takes PvP to a whole new level with Conquest! What unique strategies will you come up with to conquer their opponents? Do you have what it takes to lead your team to victory? Prove your skills in Conquest!

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