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A Powerful Hero and Mount Joins League of Angels


League of Angels is happy to announce the release of a brand new Hero and Mount! Introducing Bounty Hunter, the vampire slayer, and the elusive Black Panther mount!

New Hero- Bounty Hunter

Bounty Hunter is a vampire, but unlike those that prey on the weak, this immortal preys on other vampires. Bounty Hunter was not born into the Blood clans. Long ago, he was the son of a human blacksmith and lived in a small unnamed village. One tragic night, a vampire lord came upon his his village and feasted on the helpless people. Bounty Hunter himself was bitten, but miraculously survived the encounter. The vampire lord saw a hint of power in Bounty Hunter and spared his life, taking him in as a slave.

Bounty Hunter spent centuries in the monster’s lair, honing his skills and plotting for revenge. When he finally mastered his powers, he slew his so-called master and destroyed their evil covenant. From that day on, Bounty Hunter swore to hunt down every last vampire. He became a bounty hunter, and with his powers, he quickly became the most famous hunter in the lands. While Bounty Hunter accepts all kinds of S-rank bounties, his most prized targets are the bloodsuckers that terrorize the innocent.

New Mount – Black Pather

Black Panthers are among the fastest and most elusive creatures in the land. But these beasts of the night are notoriously difficult to tame and many adventurers who set out to find one are never seen again. Possession of a Black Panther brings instant status to its owner, for it is undeniable proof of their strength. Do you have the power to ride a Black Panther?

We hope players will enjoy these two new additions to League of Angels. Please look forward to more great content!

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