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Brand Official Magerealm Instagram Now!

Brand Official Magerealm Instagram Now! 

We'll give away FREE Imbue Stone Ⅳ*50 & Siphon Stone*10 to all players if our Instagram reaches 300 LIKES and extra GIFTS for 500 LIKES and 1,000 LIKES this month! :) 


【300 LIKES:Imbue Stone Ⅳ*50 & Siphon Stone*10
500 LIKES:Aptitude Stone III*10 & Hero Potential Chest*30 & Dragon Bone*30

1000 LIKES:Hallowed Orb*5 & Blessing Stone Ex*1 & Essence Ex.*2】


Don’t miss out on this huge Rewards event! Spread the word by inviting your friends to LIKE our page Magerealm! Be sure to check the official Magerealm Facebook fanpage and forums for the latest news! If you have not tried Magerealm yet, now is a great time to start your adventure in this epic action MMORPG!


Check and follow us on: https://www.instagram.com/magerealm