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New Battle Pets Graces League of Angels II

League of Angels II, the hit free to play browser MMORPG from GTArcade, is back with another exciting update! This time the Battle Pet system will be expanded with 2 brand new Pets! LoA2 is happy to introduce Pixie and Undine, representing the tranquility of nature and the uncertainty of the sea. 



Pixie is a Fae Sprite from the mystical forests where magic is deeply interwined with nature. Her deep connection with nature makes her a powerful support during battle. Pixie’s blossom magic can heal two of your Heroes with the lowest HP and reduce their damage taken by 15%. If your squad is lacking in the support area, Pixie is the perfect Battle Pet to add!


Undine emerges from the deepest depths of the ocean where light never penetrates. Over thousands of years, the currents continuously carried the essences of the great oceans to one focal point, and ultimately the elemental Undine was born from the overflowing energies. Like the ever-changing tide, Undine does not have a fixed shape. When Undine casts her skills, a tidal wave floods over her enemies. In addition, like the seas that can shift from violent to calm, Undine uses the gentleness of water to reduce the enemies’ rage. 


Play League of Angels II now and participate in the Pyramid of Destiny event from Oct. 6th to Oct. 8th to claim these two amazing Battle Pets ! Stay tuned for even more great content coming soon to one of the most popular free to play MMORPG’s of 2016!

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Facebook Fan Page: https://www.facebook.com/LeagueOfAngels2
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