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Welcome to Thanksgiving Party in League of Angels!

Welcome to Thanksgiving Party in League of Angels!

Are you preparing for Thanksgiving now? League of Angels has prepared a series of fun and exciting events to keep you company! Come join the fun now!

>Enjoy Thanksgiving Harvest
      Thanksgiving Party kicks off at 0:00:00AM on Nov.17th (server time) and will last for SEVEN DAYS! You are all invited to celebrate this special holiday with League of Angels! Log into the game every day during the carnival to get exclusive Thanksgiving Keys!

>How to Get the Thanksgiving Keys

Thanksgiving Keys, which are of great importance to the party, can be gained through various ways. Exchange your Starfish for Thanksgiving keys on the FIRST AND SECOND day of the carnival (11/17 &11/18), or slay monsters in Elemental Zone, you will be able to get various keys!

It's easy, isn't it?

>How to Get the Tokens
What does Wine and Sherry do? They can make what was already good, great. The two are tokens which can be exchanged for amazing items. Completing certain tasks in Hot Events during the party and opening chests in Feast of Harvest, you will find them surprisingly.

>How to Make Full Use of This Carnival
League of Angels has also prepared Time-limited Resources for Sale for players from Nov.19th to Nov. 23rd. During this period, a wide variety of hot items will be waiting for you to grab! Go get ‘em!

We hope players will have a great time in this Grand Carnival and embrace this lovely time of the year!