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The funniest kills in Dishonored 2

Much like other stealth games, such as Hitman and Metal Gear Solid, Dishonored 2 is rife with hilarious opportunities. As YouTuber Zazismrx shows us in the video above, the world is designed to accommodate you and your imagination to allow for assassinations to be somewhat of a punchline to the various areas' construction.

However, these punchlines can't be delivered without the acute awareness and mechanical prowess of the player. Well, actually, sometimes the most hilarious moments occur completely by accident. Regardless, these are some of the players we applaud for finding creative and hysterical ways to take our their enemies.

One of the simplest ways to kill enemies humorously is to use Far Reach to pull them towards you and simply throw them off a building. That's exactly what Reddit user SquiddyFishy does to the clockwork inventor Kirin Jindosh, who flails wildly as he falls to his doom in the less-fortunate lower levels of Karnaca.