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  • 1 Point Day is Available in Points Store
    1 Point Day is coming again! Seize the chance to get the real offer with only 1 G Point! 1 Point Day refers to 11th of every month when some valuable items carrying a price tag of “1 Point” which are exclusive benefits for GTarcade desktop users.
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  • Tips for New Players on GTarcade Desktop
    Dear players, we have released a new game on GTarcade Desktop. Legacy of Discord-Furious Wings, the best multiplayer action RPG game designed for mobile! EMBRACE the next generation of ACTION RPGs.
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  • Get new Mythic Relic Kiss of Tempest in Angel's Treasure!
    New Mythic Relic Kiss of Tempest is available in X-server event Angel’s Treasure. The new all-type benefited Mythic Relic can be got from July 4th to July 6th. Obtaining the Angel’s Treasure Lottery Ticket (Abbreviated as “AT’s Lottery Ticket”) in event panel or through Events- Angel's Treasure to spin the wheel, you have the chance to get 6 Kiss of Tempest components as Theme Reward and other rare items. And this time, you can still use Starstone to exchange for Starstone...
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  • War of the Kingdoms: Schedule & Rewards
    Please be prepared in advance, my lord. Train more troops, improve your equipment, promote your core commanders, make smart tactical plans etc.
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  • Game of Thrones Winter is Coming Grand Update: War of the Kingdoms
    Drumroll please! The expectation of lots lords and ladies is now finally met! We are excited to bring this new event, War of the Kingdoms, to the latest update in Game of Thrones Winter is Coming! Read on to learn more about the event.
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  • New Event! X-Server Roulette Feathered Dragon!
    A brand new event X-Server Roulette is coming! Feathered Dragon, was the most precious prey on Silver Feather Day. Feathered Dragon was hunted by Lydia, she will place the prey in front of her dead father’s keel in the evening of the Silver Feather Day every year.
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    Yoozoo Games today released the licensed strategy PC browser game based on the Emmy® award-winning HBO® show. Players must take on the mantle of a lord or lady in Westeros and start out on an epic journey to seize the Iron Throne…
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  • Find Your FB Character on GTarcade Desktop
    With the latest update released, Facebook players now can also get rewarded and claim exclusive gifts while playing Game of Thrones Winter is Coming on the desktop client.
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  • Silver Feather Day, win new Outfits and new title
    Lydia built the Silver Dragon Knights and Dragonheart Kingdom in the Middlelands of Divine Continent. She set the date of her father’s death anniversary as the National Memorial Day. In this Silver Feather Day, we prepared powerful Outfits Crystal Feathers and limited title Silver Dragon Knight for players.
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  • Featured Hero: Daun- Prince of Black Dragons, Knight of Black Dragons
    Daun Virion was born to be extraordinary. As the sole heir of the Black Dragons, their future rested on his shoulders. But instead of maturing into someone who could bear the responsibilities of a ruler, he was rebellious and indifferent to stately matters. His father was sealed by the Angels and his brother was forced to bear the sins of their father. The rebellious Daun decided to abandon the throne and wander around the Grace Continent. With three damage skills, Daun ca...
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