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Smite,a third person MOBA


SMITE is a third person MOBA published by Hi-Rez Studios. Unlike other MOBAs, SMITE places the camera in a third person perspective behind the god. This allows for a unique playing experience since a player can only view what is in front of them, allowing an enemy to sneak up from behind for a gank. Players must also use the mouse to manually aim all their abilities and auto attacks.

In SMITE players choose a God to enter battle with. Once in game, players must work together to level up and defeat the enemy team’s Minotaur by engaging in battle with it and killing it. To do this players must kill the enemy teams “minions” which spawn in waves throughout the entire game. These minions drop gold which players can then use to purchase items in order to become stronger. Players can also purchase active abilities (up to two) in-game to further customize and adapt to the match at hand.

At the end of each match whether your team wins or looses, you are rewarded points that you can use to purchase new gods. Save enough and unlock them all!

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