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Spellweaver Gifts Players With Random Hero Bag To Celebrate The New Year


New Years has come and gone, but like any good person knows, that doesn’t mean we can’t find a way to keep on celebrating. Spellweaver apparently understands this and wants to celebrate the advent of 2017 with their fans. To do so, they’re offering players a random Hero Pack just for logging in by the end of January.

Spellweaver is a free-to-play online collectible card game that offers vast strategic options and a variety of game modes sure to please players of all skill levels. Spellweaver combat is more interactive than in most CCGs, requiring players to make real-time defensive decisions when attacked, and even launch counterattacks of their own. There are multiple ranks of cards, and you’ll have to fight through your opponent’s front-line troops to reach his support troops in the back. The object of the game is to reach 50 life or exhaust your opponent’s deck of cards.

As usual, the decks are custom-built by players, but even the central hero characters themselves can be modified during the course of play. There are six aspects of magic, which are used to cast spells and can be mixed and matched in any deck. As your characters gain levels in those six aspects, they gain access to more powerful skills related to those aspects that they can use throughout the rest of the match.

Don’t worry if you’ve already spent money on packs, the devs promise that whatever pack you get, it will be one that you don’t own. It will contain 1 random Epic card and 2 random Rare cards from the aspect of the hero.

For those that can’t get enough Hero Packs, there are new ones available on the Marketplace as well. Although, you can wait and earn them for free at each 5th level.

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