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Paragon Update Introduces of New Melee Carry Hero


The latest update for Epic Game’s free-to-play team shooter Paragon adds a new Hero to the ranks. Serath is a melee carry that can swap out lower damage ranged attacks for ones that are a bit more up close but have the benefit of increased damage and mobility. She features an aerial attack that allows her to catch fleeing enemies by divebombing them.

In addition to the new hero, this update also implements major bug fixes for Lt. Belica and the Gold Buff as well as shifts the surrender time down to 15 minutes. Players can also pick up a new card pack featuring the Impact Hammer, Thirstfang, and Sage’s Ward cards.

Hier is the announcement.                         

Heya folks,

Welcome to our Week in Review, we’ll be covering all of the information and content we have posted this past week to make sure you haven’t missed anything.

We announced our newest hero Serath who is a carry (Order, Corruption) with a unique twist: she fights in melee range.

In the coming week, we are having our new Hero dev stream, Serath will be available for play and we drop our second Community Guide! Keep an eye on this blog, Facebook and Twitter for the hot updates.


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