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Security News This Week: Hackers Take Control of a Moving Tesla’s Brakes

Plenty of hacking targets hit the news in recent days, including Tesla and Cisco, as we recount in our roundup below. But it’s a fair bet that no one’s week was as badly ruined by hackers as Yahoo’s. The web giant revealed that it had been the victim of a state-sponsored hacker attack in 2014 that compromised the personal information of at least half a billion users, a revelation that comes just as the company is trying to close a $4.8 billion deal to sell itself to Verizon.

Digital security appears to have tripped up the alleged bomber who planted improvised explosive devices in two Manhattan trash cans, as police used a cellphone detonator in one of the IEDs to track him down. A member of Congress introduced new bills aimed at shoring up the security of America’s voting systems—likely too late for the upcoming election. On a lighter note, we chronicled the hacker tricks and easter eggs in the television show Mr. Robot as its second season came to a close. Google offshoot Jigsaw showed WIRED an AI-powered software program designed to automatically detect and help fight trolls online. And the web security firm Cloudflare launched a three-pronged initiative to improve web encryption.

And there’s more: Each Saturday we round up the news stories that we didn’t break or cover in depth but still deserve your attention. As always, click on the headlines to read the full story in each link posted. And stay safe out there.

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