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Obsidian No Longer Developing Armored Warfare — Consultant Says Mail.ru Just Wanted “World of Tanks

In a brief statement today, Obsidian Entertainment announced that it would no longer be developing Armored Warfare. The continued development and updating for the game will be shifted to My.com in Russia.

No word was given as to the fate of the development team in Obsidian’s American offices — some of whom were let go back in December — but as a veteran RPG company with other properties under its roof, such as Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire, one hopes they’ll be taken care of. No word was given on the fate of Skyforge, which is also a joint venture with My.com, which is a subsidiary of Russian internet giant Mail.ru …

… which is the entity that one consultant on Armored Warfare blames the most for the game’s shift in management. In a post on Reddit, “Gatortribe” talks at length about Armored Warfare’s shortcomings. He points some fingers at Obsidian and My.com, but saves the bulk of his venom for Mail.ru, which he says is “very shortsighted” and “chose Russia as the only market they cared about, to no one’s surprise.”

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