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Why we call Legacy of Discord-furious wings the Ultimate ARPG



Shanghai--(Business Wire)--For a long time, the action role-playing games (ARPGs), which are popular in East Asia, Southeast Asia, have performed poorly in the European and American markets where strategy games are preferred. However, the global success of the mobile ARPG game Legacy of Discord (LOD) - Furious Wings provides a quite different example for game developers.

Statistics from AppAnnie show that by January 2017, only three months from its debut, LOD had become the Top-grossing mobile ARPG in the overseas markets. As of February 20, 2017, LOD had topped iOS Top-grossing game lists over 20 countries, performance especially well in key markets as US, UK, Germany, Indonesia and Brazil. Take the US market for example, LOD ranked Top 34 on the iOS Top-grossing list, beat the performance of many well-known strategy games such as Clash of Kings recently.

Top 10 grossing ARPGs in markets (except Chinese Android revenue) in January 2017  Source: AppAnnie

According to Google researchers, there are mainly three types of mobile games in the European and American markets, strategy games, gambling games and casual games. Strategy games are widely considered as a must for a Chinese game developer targeting the global market which Clash of Kings and Castle Clash are among.


Meanwhile, ARPGs are one of the underestimated types of games. As an important category of RPGs, ARPGs offer both the immersive empathy between the player and the protagonist, and the pleasure of action. With several years of rapid growth, ARPGs have been a relatively competing mobile game sector in China, while in the US they are still underdeveloped and strongly potential needed.


Blade dancer (Character in LOD, Source: LOD)

The story of Legacy of Discord takes place in a world of gods, devils and humans. Players can choose the corresponding roles of Magic Fire, Thunder or Ice to guard the Crystal envied by the Devil. Apart from the main storyline, the game also offers several other gaming modes including Ice Battle, Blood Battle, Treasure Battle, PVP Combat and GVG Combat. Players can unlock new copies when certain levels are reached and fight shoulder by shoulder with over 50 fellow comrades in massively alliances battle.

“We have been always stressing that Legacy of Discord is a sustainable ecosystem. It not only gives players the plot, but also the diversified systems and missions, to fully meet the players’ social, PVP and GVG needs,” said Liu Wanqin, Vice President of Youzu Interactive. “We positioned ourselves as a service provider, games as a customized service, so our key mission is to meet the various needs of our users.”

Besides, Youzu Interactive is also striving to localize the game in different markets. Currently LOD provides multiple language versions such as English, German, French, Russian, Spanish and Portuguese, and it has adapted its plot and art design in different markets to suit the local cultures, while more expected language based customized versions like Turkish, Italian and Polish are in coming.