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12 Browser Games To Play While You Procrastinate(3)



How it works: Now here’s a throwback game. Put your knowledge of anatomy and physics to the test as you control different parts of a runner’s body to get them across the finish line. You only have four keys to work with, so if you think this is easy, well…good luck to you. On the bright side, no matter how well you do, it will look like you’re working furiously as you slam on “Q” “W” “O” and “P” to keep your runner from falling flat on their face.

Who should play: Those in need of a laugh AND a good challenge.

10. Loot Clicker

How it works: Here’s another clicker game that’s great for RPG fans. All you have to do to get started is farm the land to earn enough money to hire a party full of elders, assassins, knights, and even the undead. Like most RPGs, each member of your party comes with different skills and properties that you will use to lay waste to the creatures you encounter. Collect loot, add buffs, and collect equipment — what more can you want to make your day a little more exciting?

Who should play: RPG lovers who desperately want to get away with gaming at work.

11. Candy Box

How it works: Yay! You have 20 candies. Feel free to eat them all or throw 10 of them on the ground. Not too exciting, right? WRONG. In just a few seconds, an ASCII graphic of a candy merchant shows up offering you the choice of a lollipop or a wooden sword, and you’re quickly swept into a bizarre, candy-fueled adventure. The game is as charming as it is unexpected, with each decision offering strange twists and turns through irreverent quests that you can run in the background or obsessively check on throughout the work day.

Who should play: Candy lovers. Story lovers. The impatient and the completionists. So essentially…everyone.

12. Pandemic

How it works: Bring humanity to its knees by spreading a disease of your making around the globe. It takes a decent amount of strategy to play, since you need to infect each region before borders are closed and effective medical treatments found. The more lethal your symptoms, the faster your disease will spread; on the flip side, more lethal symptoms means governments will respond quicker to your apocalypse plague. You choose how you want to play, and you watch humanity fight back or go down in flames accordingly.

Who should play: Anyone having a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.