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22 RPGs To Try If You Don’t Really Play RPGs(3)


9. Fable: The Lost Chapters

Fable: The Lost Chapters

Why it’s good for beginners: It’s the opposite of complicated. You’re a character, with a weapon, and you walk around hitting/chopping/shooting things with that weapon. When you do good things, your character looks more and more angelic. When you do bad things, you look more and demonic. Moral choices in games are nothing new, but it’s cool to see your choices directly reflected with your character.

How to play it: It’s last-last-gen, so you’ll need an original Xbox, but there was a remake for the Xbox 360 you could probably get your hands on. You can also buy it on Steam for PC or Mac.

10. Knights of the Old Republic

Knights of the Old Republic

Why it’s good for beginners: I’m willing to bet that the intersection of Star Wars fans and people who’d click on a post called “Best RPGs For People Who Don’t Play RPGs” is pretty large, so let’s just cut to the chase. You get to be a Jedi, and you get to fight things with your lightsaber. If that sounds like fun to you, just know that it’s even more fun than it sounds.

How to play it: There’s a port available for iPad, iPhone, and Android. (But the controls are a little tough to get used to.) It’s also available for Mac and PC, as well as the original Xbox, if you’ve still got one of those lying around.

11. EarthBound


Why it’s good for beginners: This game is a bit of a legend these days because it was slightly more rare than other Super Nintendo games, and original cartridges are hard to come by, but don’t let that intimidate you. It plays a like an RPG, but it’s set in a modern Western world and has a sense of humor about itself. RPGs usually take themselves way too seriously. Not Earthbound. Except for maybe the final battle, which is REALLY bizarre.

How to play it: Original cartridges for the SNES are going for upwards of $200 on eBay right now, but you can download it for the Virtual Console on Wii U for $10.

12. Costume Quest

Costume Quest

Why it’s good for beginners: It’s like playing a Saturday morning cartoon, but one that knows its primary audience is adults who fondly remember Saturday morning cartoons. It’s got some light RPG elements without getting too bogged down in complicated mechanics. It just kind of makes you feel good when you’re playing it.

How to play it: There’s a mobile version for Android. Otherwise, it’s available for download for Mac, PC, and PlayStation 3.