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Infestation: The New Z rose up on Steam today, but it's not published by the same company as its predecessor Infestation: Survivor Stories. Instead, developer Fredaikis AB has redeveloped Survivor Stories and released the spiffied up version for free. The New Z is touted as a "brand new infestation title." As a result, Survivor Stories will shut down on December 15, 2016.

Fredaikis has been independently developing the best rpg for the past year, and their team is not connected to anyone from Survival Stories, according to developer Elias.

We have a customized anticheat having an unbeatable status until now. It's developed especially for this title.

While that may be true, they'll have to overcome a lot of flack. The name "Infestation" has a sordid history, beginning with the game WarZ which was riddled hacking and pay-to-win claims. I think Fredaikis should have dissociated themselves by picking a title that doesn't begin with "Infestation."

I'm going to give The New Z and Frediakis benefit of the doubt, which is why I'm installing the game now. Will it be the go-to–free-to-play zombie game? I hope so. I hope the zombie train stops here