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NCSoft West is running a special playtest for the 5v5 three-lane PvP mode in its free-to-play MOBA Master X Master (MXM). Referred to as the Titan Ruins Playtest, this test will last until the 28th — during which time ranked mode will be available. Those who complete 5 Ranked Titan Ruins matches during the test will be granted the title “Alpha Incarnate.”


For the purposes of this test, the level requirement for Titan Ruins and Ranked Mode will be lifted and players will be able to access it immediately.


Also note that the servers will only be available during certain hours of the day — depending on which server you are playing on. NA servers will be available from 1pm to 9pm PST and EU servers are playable between 2pm and 10pm UTC.


More information on MXM and the current test is available on the game’s site.


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