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MobstarGame – Ridiculously complete online mafia game with apps


MobstarGame is a free mafia-themed MMORPG where you could become the godfather. Commit minor crimes like robbing an old lady or stealing a jacket. As you progress, you can unlock more difficult crimes. Accept a mission, complete the required tasks and win rewards. Add skill points to take more damage, create more resources, construct real estate faster, increase your power and much more. Apply for a crew, gamble in casino and earn achievements. Some features are only available for a paid account which can be purchased in the Mobshop. Explore the underworld and become the most respected gangster in MobstarGame.

In MobstarGame players have to develop their mafia character, with the goal of dominating the game. The crews play a vital role in gaining money, bullets and properties. Teaming up will give you advantage over other players and will give you respect. And what is a mobster without respect?


Oh great, another mafia game. Why is MobstarGame different?


Development: daily updates, bug fixes and enhancements as requested by players.

Networking: working together with other players has never been more important.

Completeness: large number of unique features, there is always something to do.

Security: no scripts, no hacks. We have a zero-tolerance policy!

Gameplay: all game elements are connected. Understanding how things work, will grow the chance of being the most respected player!

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