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Paragon receiving a monolith update in a couple weeks


On Tuesday, December 6th, Paragon changes. The monolith update will tweak virtually every aspect of the game.


The short of it is this:


TL;DR: The Monolith Update is here, with huge changes to Paragon.


New smaller map.

Faster, more action-oriented gameplay.

Every Hero updated.

Still a MOBA.”

This here blog post goes into MUCH more detail. I always felt like Paragon had oodles of potential. For starters, it looks damn good, but it’s EPIC games with Unreal Engine 4, so that goes without saying. But the game always felt a little slow and sluggish, nothing like the shooter/MOBA hybrid it was supposed to be. But the Monolith update seems to be taking the game in the direction it needed to go.


Guess we’ll know just how successful the update is on December 6th.

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