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What Counts as an Indie RPG?


For people who are not exactly sure what counts as an Indie RPG and if they should submit a game or not, if it fits the definition or not. Well, it's a bit complicated, since there isn't just one definition of what an Indie Game is, generally a game in which "commercial, design, or conceptual elements of the game stay under the control of the creator, or that the game should just be produced outside of a corporate environment", is considered Indie. So it's not just unknown games, some of the Indie games are quite well known actually (some often heard of on /r/RPG like Apocalypse World, Numenera, Burning Wheel for example), but generally are games that are not part of a franchise that controls the content and limits the creators on account of profits. Games in which the creator decides everything on their own and make the game they really want to make. For me personally, Indie Games are games that have more heart put into them, they're mostly a labor of love and it really shows (in the well made one, the ones I'm looking for).

Also I have put together a Roll20 game for this. The idea behind it is that anyone who wants can ask to join the game (which will act more as a group) and we can plan games in there. Once a party+GM is formed they can start their own game and have a go at the Game of the Month. And maybe post their results and impressions in the game forum as well as here on reddit. Whoever wants to join send me a PM saying you would like to join the Roll20 group or go here and ask to join in the thread.

I'm really curious what new games we'll get to discover this time around. Have fun everyone!