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Roleplaying in Occult India


India is simultaneously the oldest and newest place in the world. Where else do skyscrapers loom over medieval mosques built atop pagan shrines? All of human history piles up in India, like bodies in a mausoleum.


High technology, ancient monsters, exotic mysticism. Add a conspiracy or two and you've got all the ingredients for a great modern occult game.


This project compiles and expands upon material from several RPGnet columns, ranging from gun-toting bodhisattvas and power-mad yogis to hungry ghosts and cannibal-sorcerers. It also includes brand new game mechanics for tabletop roleplaying.


The setting will be delivered in the form of vignettes: bundled sets of characters, locations, and situations that make great one-shots, but can also be strung together for open-ended campaign play.