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A dirty World


A Dirty World by Greg Stolze is an interesting RPG. Where most games are more or less a combat engine with a setting bolted on, A Dirty World seeks to emulate the genre of noir, and thus is more focused on interpersonal interactions and inner turmoil. To do this, it employs some interesting mechanical features like each "stat" and "skill" containing two, diametrically opposed tracks, which cap the maximum of the other and demonstrate how a character changes scene-to-scene as points slide around their character sheet. Being powered by the oft overlooked One Roll Engine, A Dirty World also breaks free from traditional RPG elements like initiative and margin of success.

Dirty World is great at providing mechanics for conflicts other than physical altercations. If you play things right you can take an enemy down with words alone.

Edit: This is the best actual play podcast of A Dirty World that I've yet heard. The story they played has since been published..

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