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Warshift - Review


The WARSHIFT we have access to now can easily be called experimental, giving you third-person control of your units, the ability to build bases, customize your vehicles and command large armies all at (approximately) the same time, so there is no wonder that you get to feel overwhelmed at times.




The story of the game is set in 2062 on the colony Enigma that gets invaded by the Atroid aliens coming from a parallel world. Since they are spectral, the aliens covered their shapes with exoskeletons (a convenient way of introducing robot designs) and started building an army that turned half of the planet into a desert environment. To answer this threat, the Delta battalion was created with robots of their own and cyber-guards.


The commander of these armies leads through the telepathic skills from behind a mothership called the ARK and they can join the fight as well by operating a combat avatar that is basically the hero-unit of the game. You can improve this unit with new weapons, upgrades and even transform it into a more powerful unit. Some of the commanders can change between ground and flying mode and there are many customization options for them.

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