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Star Wars: The Old Republic’s Knights of the Eternal Throne expansion is almost here — arriving December 2. In preparation for the release, the BioWare devs recently hosted a livestream where they not only highlighted some of the expansion’s features but also took viewer questions.


The expansion will feature 9 new story chapters which are repeatable with challenge levels and will add two new planets for players to explore. There are also 5 new uprisings and new class abilities. One important thing to note is that once players have completed the KoTET storyline, they will have to wait until the next expansion to get anything new.


Other cool features being added are the abilities to pilot a walker, go undercover as a Zakuul knight, and remote control a mouse droid.


During the Q&A, the devs answered several questions about what MMORPG players can look forward to in the expansion beyond the highlighted features. Some of these questions were more of the housekeeping type — such as what happens to unused gear tokens in 5.0. Answer: they’ll be converted to credits. Players can also expect unfinished missions to be reset when the expansion goes live


The full, hour-long livestream, which offers even more details on what to expect and what not to expect when Knights of the Eternal Throne hits is available to watch above.