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$9.99! Is Super Mario Run too Expensive?


It should be wonderful news that Nintendo launched Super Mario Run on Dec. 15, 2016, while its price point of $9.99 for the full version has caused controversy among players. It adopts a "free to start" mode, which lets interested players to try before purchasing the full version.


Generally speaking, the game’s prices less than $2.99 on App Store are more acceptable. If games like sci-fi themed action RPG Transistor by Supergiant and ARPG Jade Empire by BioWare with superb graphics and gaming experience set price at $9.99 are more common. As to Super Mario Run, a side-scrolling and auto-runner platformer game, is it priced too high?

Nintendowire started a vote when the game was available, asking players whether they will jump on Super Mario Run for $9.99 or run away. 48% participants voted for “The price is too high”. Even though some players think Super Mario Run is probably not worth $9.99, they are still willing to pay because the love for Super Mario.


Compared with the F2P mode that players love and hate, the "free to start" sales mode is new for the whole industry. It seems that Nintendo is placing a bet on Super Mario Run, no matter on high price $9.99 or the "free to start" mode. If Nintendo achieves success, other developers will make use of this mode in their mobile games in the future..