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Most Anticipated MMORPG – Bless Online


Thanks to the publishers keeping their commitments, we are fortunate to access the most anticipated MMORPGs we voted last year, such as Tree of Savior, Black Desert Online, Blade&Soul and etc. Obviously, the Korean made games have generated a huge amount of hype these years.

My lists for the most anticipated MMORPGs are Revelation, Bless Online, Lineage Eternal and Lost Ark. If one must be chosen, Bless Online ranks the first. Even though Lineage Eternal and Lost Ark kicked off several closed beta in South Korea, it’s speculated that the time to see their English version won’t too fast, especially Lost Ark which has not been revealed any global plan at all. These two MMORPGs are quite similar, the one come first to NA/EU is supposed to win the gamers. Revelation started the first CBT in November, so the wait is over, I am looking forward to its official launch.

Aeria Games has become the NA/EU publisher of anticipated MMORPG Bless Online and the localization is currently under way. Built by Unreal Engine 3, Bless Online is a story-driven fantasy MMORPG featuring targeting/non-targeting option, RvR conflict, non-gender-locked characters, 10 different races, good graphics, nice character customization system and challenging PK arena. Only one thing I am concerning is whether Aeria Games can live up to the expectations to publish Bless Online successfully.