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Dungeons and the Trial of the Four Kings in Revelation Online


The Dragon Nest China team visited the Eyedentity Games crew during G-Star 2016, during which time they were briefed on several major upcoming content updates. The "Belgrano" Nest recently launched and a new class known as the "Dark Sorceress" is in the works.

You can find the first image of the Dark Sorceress embedded below. Not much is known as of yet, but it will be a scythe-wielding class.

You can read more about the visit on the official website.

To fine-tune character management skills while gaining experience and useful rewards, heroes can undergo challenges in the Trial of the Four Kings arena. The 200 top-performing players from the entire server will be listed in the Global Skill Rating. You can find the names of the best players among all the classes, and split into each separate class. As well as in-game ratings for solo arenas, there are ratings for completing dungeons in groups, achievement points and much more. Guilds also have a special rating system in the game. Large groups can keep track of how their competitors are doing and fight for the top spots on the ranking tables, demonstrating clan success in sieges and other events.

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