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Superhero MMO City of Titans released an image on their Facebook pointing to a Fall 2018 launch. The simple graphic features the game's logo and "coming Fall 2018." No speculation needed there.

City of Titans is a KickStarter backed project, having raised over $678,000, and is touted as the spiritual successor to the defunct City of Heroes.

City of Titans is set in a world where there is always hope, even in the darkest of times. The tradition of brightly colored costumes, brilliant heroics, and daring struggles to stand against the shadows cast during times of darkness and corruption. New heroes, your heroes, rise to make their mark on the world while their villainous counterparts lurk in the corners of alleys, behind governments, and even in the boardrooms of the wealthiest corporations. Humanity honors the fallen, and takes inspiration from the selfless sacrifices of heroes who have gone before.

Fall 2018 is quite a ways off, and the estimate date feels a bit presumptuous at this time—it reminds me of NetEase Games' promise to launch War Rage within the next 18 months. It's a bit of a silly thing to do; you're telling me your logistical teams are prudent enough to make such a prediction? Why not just wait until the product is closer to completion instead of making wild guesses.

From what I can see on developer Missing Worlds Media's YouTube page, development still has a ways to go. But I wish the team the best of luck and hope to see the game launch in Fall 2018.

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